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Hot Wife Photos


Husband who fantasizes about sharing his wife with a stud (or studs.) I post pictures of wives and girlfriends with more than one guy and imagine it’s my own wife in the photos. NSFW. 18+ only please. I do not own any of these images. If you’re in one of them (wow!) and would like it removed please contact me. Happy … reading and feel free to ask me questions. Would particularly like to hear from women who have, are considering or fantasize about doing this.

  1. A question for the readers. A couple years ago I told my wife that I would like for her to fuck other men. Tho not very vocal in responding I know she likes the freedom but has yet to do it. I am crazy for her first time, she plays it down. However I believe she is on the cusp now with a young guy at work. From the reading I've done it seems women are normally reserved about this. My question is once it finally happens should us men expect to get any kudos for our encouragement in wives freedom?