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Large Nipple Fetish


Large Nipple Fetish is my blog dedicated to those wondrously rare nipples that have significantly more length and mass than the normal nipple. This is not about those dollar or saucer sized aereola but the nipple. I will happily post contributions… especially those brave amateurs who are willing to share their charms with the rest of us! size = 2> INTRODUCTORY RAMBLINGS I know how this fetish got started…. When I was at an impressionable age, I had a six month affair with an older co-worker (she was a MILF and a Cougar before the descriptions were ever coined). She had a slight build with very small breasts but nipples as big around as my little finger and at least 3/4” long. I spent many hours giving those nubs my loving attention. Of course, it certainly didn’t hurt that she was a wildcat between the sheets. This woman made me feel like a god. I’ve never been with another woman since who has had such prominent nipples (or amazing sexual talents) but I have spent many hours fantasizing about another opportunity. The internet has provided ample opportunity to find these objects of my fetish, but I have found that even with the millions of photos accessible, it is really rare to see women who have (un-Photoshopped) large, prominent nipples. I was fortunate a few years ago to stumble across a Flickr.com photo blog that was created by Jennifer O’Dell to showcase her amazing nipple gift. Sadly, that blog has since disappeared and I was not smart enough to have downloaded any of her photos. Although I only knew Jennifer through her photos and comments, I can tell you from a voyeur’s perspective she seemed to be completely confident in her body. She only provided us with glimpses of her face and a number of brief comments to accompany her photos, but I sense that her beauty was not limited to her amazing body. I’m dedicating this blog to my nameless co-worker (no one will ever match those memories) and Jennifer O’Dell (an unfulfilled fantasy that has no equal). size = 2> DISCLAIMER: All pictures here are found on the web (or have been freely submitted) and assumed to be in the public domain. If you see one of yours and want it taken down please contact me via the “Ask Me Anything” link; provide me the date and a description of the photo that you want me to remove.”size = 1>rm_f1st('0','220','true','false','000000','7p1wu9lqizk','true','ff0000');