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Pokies, nips, and a little downblouse


There is no hard core here. No plunging organs. No violence or degradation. No child pornography. What is here are some pictures I like that can tell a story to those who look and let their imaginations roam. If you love women and love to give pleasure you should like it here. I have been collecting for years with no intent to blog until recently. These files were gathered for my personal use, and in many cases, have been cropped and edited for my own selfish pleasure and their origins forgotten. I am a gatherer and organizer, but not a photographer. No ownership of any photo is implied nor to be construed by their posting on this tumblr. No harm was intended by the reuse of pictures. Pokies-nips.tumblr will never knowingly post pictures of underage children. If there are issues about images, please let me know and I’ll remove them.