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Young Sweet Girls


Every tasteful nude photo is a tribute to the beautiy. The human nude is one of the most beautiful subjects for artistic expression. Aspiring not for the common cultural belief that the human nude is shameful, “Body Shame” is an invention of modern cultural beliefs, and that some types of nudity is not automatically sexual in nature. Nudity in fine art photography can also be sensual in a positive and beautiful way. it can also evoke feelings that shock or abash ones senses, leaving impressions perceived as immoral and disturbing, yet in others as provocative and stimulating. Overall, Mankind has loved the human nude as beautiful art since cave dwellers learned to mix paint from minerals in the soil. I am fascinated by the beauty of natural girls. I collect and trade tasteful nude photos of young beauties. My favorite photographers are Shoken Takahashi, David Hamilton and Jacques Bourboulon. Do you like these kind of girl photos? If yes, please write me.